Leather And Hides


Alpaca Fur is known as one of the softest, luxurious and warmest furs in the world. The Alpacas graze high up on the Andes Mountains of South America making the Alpacas one of the highest living animals. The Alpaca fur will add a sense of luxury and quality to any setting. (Custom sizes available over 4 Sq.metres. 120 days delivery @£650/Sq.metre)








Perfect for creating that chic living look. Real cow hides which can be simply thrown on the floor, used as a striking wall hanging, or draped over your furniture.







Calvin Klein Prairie

This collection of special skin rugs brings the beauty of nature inside.The cowhides’ contrasting hues and alternating hair direction add to the design and sophistication of this unique all natural collection.




These finely finished longwooled sheepskins are selected from the finest quality New Zealand flocks. These are meticulously cut, matched and stiched into sumptuous floor rugs offering luxurious softness and depth.








Finely stitched cowhides in a patchwork of squares, the other side of the cow hide has a soft underlay that will make the rug adhere perfectly to your floors. Striking in their simplicity and versatility, our Matador rugs are certain to turn heads.








Taking our Arizona Cowhides to a different level, our exclusive Sedona range uses individually hand selected cowhides which are then covered with metallic silver or gold paint. These modern cowhides will add style and class to any setting.







Sheep Skin

This natural shaped sheepskin rug is made from highest quality 100% genuine New Zealand sheepskin. It creates a feeling of luxury and style in any home. Although it is predominantly used on the floor as luxurious covering, it can also be used as a throw, on beds, or draped over any type of seat.