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In over 60 years of business, a lot has changed: new designers, new fashions, new materials, new concessions…

However, one thing hasn’t changed: our family’s steadfast commitment to the principles upon which L. Kelaty Ltd. was founded. 

Our clients enjoy not only our vast collection of 200,000 rugs from all over the world, but also our commitment to a great client experience.

It’s no wonder that we now feature concessions in the UK and Portugal.

The Kelaty name has become synonymous with the finest rugs, at great prices.

We're constantly evolving new designs and textures, which anticipate and respond to trends in the market. Our leading desigers, and our global perspective, help us to keep two steps ahead of contemporary tastes.

The world is our inspiration and our palette. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Egypt, China, Nepal, Iran, Turkmenistan. The very words conjure up lands of the exotic, drenched in the colours of the East: subtle saffrons, vivid scarlets, opulent indigos, shimmering golds and soothing ochres. Every shade and hue under the sun. Our rugs are produced in all of these countries.

Beauty. That's what our business is all about. For over 60 years we've made the richness of our world, its cultures and colours, its traditions and tales, available to our customers. 

A Kelaty rug is the stage on which a room is set. It's a canvas on the floor.

It transforms an ordinary room into an extraordinary room. 

We're passionate about what we do and we think you'll find that we do it that bit better than anyone else.

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